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FS: Powerhouse 10MFAN CHAMELEON tenors in this week!

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Hi guys,
I hope everyone is staying safe!!! It ain't easy right now. Hang in there.
I am doing my best to absolutely load up on my pieces and be able offer tons of inventory because of the uncertainty of things with the virus. If my engineer at the shop gets sick, everything stops. It's that simple, so bear with me.

I am doing my very best to stockpile pieces here for everyone. If you don't like seeing my posts, just go by them and don't open them up. I appreciate that because right now I am putting up loads of posts everywhere on the net, for all of my products because of the uncertainty we are all living with.

This Chameleon model has turned out to be an absolute gem. The feedback has been extraordinary. The most bad-*** hard rubber powerhouse tenor mouthpieces in the marketplace!

Big huge full-bodied sound with loads of power available.
The sound is clean and clear and if you want to make it gritty like a Berg, you can, but it does NOT push you there!
Waaaay more going on for me than any Link or Berg.
Such a big clear full-bodied sound.

Immense versatility.

For all of you guys who don't get along with a step baffle and want a lot of power that does not get thin, you cannot beat this mouthpiece. Ive played everything in the marketplace.

Only a few extras I can offer that are coming in this week:

1. Chameleon 7*--- .105

2. Chameleon 7*

3. Chameleon 7**--- .108

4. Chameleon 7**

5. Chameleon 8*-- .115

6. Chameleon 8*

7. Chameleon 9--- .120

8. Chameleon 9

This is an incredibly special mouthpiece.

Selling from Florida for $385 plus shipping.

Email me at: [email protected]
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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