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FS: A bunch of Warburton mouthpieces for sale at a GREAT discount.

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I have this bunch of Warburton pieces coming in.

I am selling these at 50%+++ BELOW THEIR RETAIL PRICES!!!!!!!!!

If you enjoy playing their pieces, or have wanted to play one but have wanted a lower price to get into one for yourself, this is a great opportunity.

I am told these are new and a couple were just play tested at the shop. I will have these in hand Monday.

1. A series metal bari 7* in silver. $299 --------RETAIL IS $640

2. A series metal bari in 8 silver. $299 --------RETAIL IS $640

3. A series metal bari in 8 silver. $299 --------RETAIL IS $640

4. A series metal bari in 8 silver. $299 --------RETAIL IS $640

5. A series metal bari 8 silver. $299 -----------RETAIL IS $640

6. A series metal tenor 8 silver. $275 -----------RETAIL IS $595

7. A series metal tenor 8* silver. $275 ----------------RETAIL IS $595

8. A series metal tenor matte silver 9 $275 -----------RETAIL IS $595

9. A series hr alto 9 $250 -----------------RETAIL IS $570

10. A series red hr 8 tenor $250 ----------RETAIL IS $595

11. A series green hr bari 8* $250 -------RETAIL IS $640

12. Black hard rubber tenor .095---Link Early Babbitt type piece with a medium chamber----$250

Trades are possible.



EMAIL ME AT: [email protected]
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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