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10MFAN "Alto Madness" alto sax mouthpiece....I literally cannot keep these in stock.
I am having 60 of these made in hard rubber this week, and I can offer 17 of them.
No orange ultem in this group.

I am putting posts all over the internet.

This is ALL about the sound.

This mouthpiece has a full-bodied warm sound top to bottom. Plenty of power and volume, and incredibly in tune. Rich sound with body!
This has a great design: slightly scooped out sidewalls, low floor, lower rollover baffle, and bigger chamber thats nice and deep----and its NOT dull or stuffy!
It gets more sound from such an open design than you would ever expect.

All you vintage Meyer and Link lovers hoping for a modern mouthpiece that got it right--THIS IS IT!

1. ALTO MADNESS 5 (.072) X 5

2. ALTO MADNESS 6 (.078) X 5

3. ALTO MADNESS 7 (.084) X 5

4. ALTO MADNESS 8 (.090) X 2

Original design mouthpiece made of the finest German bar stock hard rubber and hand finished by the best.

World-class mouthpieces made affordable.

$365 plus shipping
These will be ready in about 2 weeks, so grab your size while you can.

Email me at: [email protected]

· VENDOR "Innovation over imitation"
17,761 Posts
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Here are my favorite clips showing what this piece is all about.

Daves set-up:

Alto Madness 5 .072 tip
Select Jazz 3m filed reeds

Dave is on the Alto Madness 5 mouthpiece full-time now.
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