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Hi guys!

Hope everyone is staying safe.

Here are some new pieces I can offer in German bar stock hard rubber.
I am putting posts up on Facebook and Instagram also, so grab your size if it's here.

1. Classic 7* hr

2. Classic 8* hr

3. Robusto 7 hr

4. Robusto 7* hr

5. Robusto 7** hr

6. Robusto 7** hr

7. Showtime 6* hr

8. Showtime 7* hr

9. Showtime 7* hr

10. Chameleon 7* hr

11. Chameleon 7** hr

From warmer to punchier:

Designed to be warm and full and very even top to bottom. Small baffle with scooped out sidewalls and an open chamber. From Getz to early Sonny, Mobley, Bergonzi, Seamus, etc....

A) ROBUSTO: Spread and fat sounding with punch
This piece takes off from where the Classic leaves off and adds fatness, spread, and punch to the sound ala Gene Ammons and mid-Dexter. Its got a medium height step baffle with straight sidewalls.

B) SHOWTIME: Focussed and clean sounding with really nice power
This piece takes it to the next place and offers more brights and punch than the first 2 models above. Its also more free blowing and more focussed sounding than the Robusto. Very clean and clear sounding top to bottom. Its got a medium height step baffle with scooped out sidewalls.

This piece takes it to the next place for the guys who want a powerhouse player that has more punch and power available than the others. It can also be played warm for jazz players looking for warm and really powerful, but its always got that big sound. For the player who can blow brighter, this will go there too, but it doesn't force you there.
It's got scooped out sidewalls with a higher rollover baffle.

This Categorical system makes the choices very easy.

EVERY mouthpiece is hand finished.

Selling from Florida.
$385 each plus shipping.

Email me at: [email protected]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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