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The feedback has been really incredible on this piece.
It's got so much power and it's a rollover baffle, not a step baffle.
Very unique sidewalls and chamber. I will have some videos to put up in the next few days.
It can go from straightahead jazz to the most screaming pop and smooth jazz without missing a beat. iIt's just got so much going on, and a really great design.

Compare this to other rollover baffle pieces that are powerful, like the Navarro bop boy, Freddie Gregory mark lll, RPC rollovers. The Chameleon has a bigger sound throughout, with more punch and more brights available.

I have Chameleon pieces with my great craftsman at the moment, so let me know what you would like.

I hope everyone is staying safe during this very difficult time!!!

Here is what I will be able to offer, outside of the regular orders.

1. 7*

2. 7*

3. 7**

4. 7**

5. 7**

6. 7**

7. 8*

8. 8*

9. 8*

10. 8*

Selling from Florida for $385 each plus shipping.

Email me at: [email protected]

· VENDOR "Innovation over imitation"
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3, 7

If you order off of my website, you can get these pieces in either the German bar stock hard rubber or the orange Ultem. ALL of the mouthpieces are hand finished and play beautifully.
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