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From the Inside Out Book Review

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Posted a new review of an amazing book by Dr. Mark Watkins entitled "From the Inside Out". "From the Inside Out" is a revolutionary in-depth comprehensive 309 page resource book for the development of saxophone sound. When this book is described as "in-depth", Dr. Watkins is not joking! It is 309 pages of descriptions, scientific data, scientific and medical terms, a plethora of fluoroscopy and endoscopy photos (photos and scans of the inside of the mouth and vocal tract) as well as countless diagrams, charts, illustrations and a variety of quotes from saxophone players, teachers, doctors and scientists. (In fact, 92 subjects participated in a variety of vocal tract and saxophone tone production projects). It even has links to a number of videos showing the inside of the mouth and vocal tract while playing! An amazing resource that will you will find fascinating and illuminating as a saxophone player and/or teacher! Check out the full review:
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