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from piano to sax

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Hi, I was thinking (very loosely) that I might start playing soprano saxophone. I currently play the piano, and I have kind of developed some tendonitis, but I have since changed my technique and it's getting better.

Anyway, do you use the same finger muscles when playing the saxophone as you do the piano, or would I be able to play the saxophone without feeling the usual pain I do (considering what I have would be a regular piano tendonitis)?

And is it possible to get a decent tone out of a cheap soprano? (I know most say one should start to play alto first, but say I could produce a great tone on soprano, would it be able to be a nice tone on a cheap one aswell?)
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Being absolutely brutally honest, I would suspect that tendonitis might be more of a problem for sax players than it is for pianists. I play piano as well and i've certainly had more pause for thought over possible hand/tendon injury on sax than i ever did on piano. Bear in mind the rather "fixed" position of the hands for sax. Good technique will help, but in playing sax you are doing something with your hands that in a way is unnatural. If you have had real problems with injury it might be worth talking to a (medical) specialist on this one.
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