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from piano to sax

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Hi, I was thinking (very loosely) that I might start playing soprano saxophone. I currently play the piano, and I have kind of developed some tendonitis, but I have since changed my technique and it's getting better.

Anyway, do you use the same finger muscles when playing the saxophone as you do the piano, or would I be able to play the saxophone without feeling the usual pain I do (considering what I have would be a regular piano tendonitis)?

And is it possible to get a decent tone out of a cheap soprano? (I know most say one should start to play alto first, but say I could produce a great tone on soprano, would it be able to be a nice tone on a cheap one aswell?)
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If you play a straight soprano, your right thumb will not like it... And, last time I checked, your face musculature doesn't get much of a workout on piano. In other words, it's not just fingers that need conditioning.
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