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French Recital Program

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I'd like to present a recital next year that features French composers. Just wanted to get some ideas from the folks here on some repertoire. Here are some parameters:

1. I'm definitely playing the Desenclos.
2. The total time of the recital should be between 60-75 minutes.
3. The piano accompaniments should be reasonable (my pianist just got done learning Klonos and Lilith and will kill me if I do something like that to him again).
4. I'd like to feature French composers, but the pieces do not have to be originally written for saxophone.
5. Standard literature is perfectly fine.

So what do you think?

Bonus question: Would you consider Lauba a French composer? His bio says "French composer born in Tunisia".

Thanks in advance!
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Lauba grew up in Bordeaux so I'd consider him french.
Definitely play a Lauba piece if you can pull it off.
Just to throw names out there of famous french composers for Saxophone are...
Florent Schmitt, Pierre-Max Dubois, Henri Tomasi, Paule Maurice, Jacques Ibert, Jeanin Rueff, Eugene Bozza, Fernande Decruck, Paul Bonneau, Christian Lauba (of course), etc.
Jules Demersseman (lived in France most his life)
Claude Debussy (duh)
Darius Milhaud
Jacques Charpentier

there are waaaaaaaaaaaay more and hopefully
You should know the pieces that go with the names :p,
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