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I recently visited the Rico website to take a look at some other reeds, as I'm a life time user of vandoren JAVA, however, while I was practising today, i dicided to take out one of my old 2 roco royal reeds (I currently use vandoren JAVA 3) and I was really amazed by the response I got from the reed.
Going back into topic, when i visited the site, the description of reeds said either filed or not filed. What is french filing and how does it affect the tone?

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Using the search function (hint) I found the following thread which contains the answer you're looking for.

Sax on the Web Forum > The SOTW Forum > Saxophone Accessories > Reeds
New Vandoren Reed Packaging - What are they thinking?

Lamplight's post on 07-08-2007 is what you're looking for.
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