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"Freeblowing" Soprano Pieces?

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This is another mouthpiece question in relation to my embouchure issue. I'm playing bari in a big band that plays a lot of dance charts with Bb clarinet in the sax 5 book. As I've mentioned in several other threads, I'm dealing with an embouchure issue that has required reducing tip openings siginificantly, as well as any type of meaningful resistance. Finding the right pieces for tenor and bari have helped, but the road to "recovery" is long, and my need is for now.

Does such an animal exist?

I'm looking for something analagous to the C* tone - I have a C*, SL3, and Morgan Vintage 4 with Vandoren Trad 2.5, but the "push" on those is too much for now and I fatigue too easity. I wonder if a reed switch would help, but I'm not sure which to try for soprano.

For reference - the pieces that have worked on the other voices: Tenor -Link HR 5 with Rico 2.5 (down from Vandoren TL4 with Vandoren Trad 2.5), have not yet found a jazz piece I can play; Bari - Runyon Custom 9 (.098) with La Voz MS (down from Vandoren B75 with Rico 2.5)
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I had started on the pseudo "Yamaha 4" sold with the Antigua Wind 590. Then I went to tips of .055 to .057. Played them for several years. Then I tried a new Yamaha 5C. By this time I was using mainly #2 ZZ reeds. It seemed extremely easy to blow. But I have significant dynamics with it. I can scream with the best trumpet players or get close to merging with flutes. It's great fun.
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