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Back in the '90s, I procured inexpensive 'Woodwind' brand saxes for people with band students. One of them came home to roost today, a tenor - it had been badly damaged early-on and put aside. Now years later the parents are cleaning house and asked if I wanted it - naturally I couldn't resist a free sax but when I opened the case, I knew it was not feasible to repair although it is certainly possible - it would simply cost more than it is worth.
So I had the idea that if anyone knew of a school for technicians or anything similar, they might want it to practice/learn on since they could do no harm.
BTW, in case you don't know, these saxes were not bad. They came from Taiwan and a number of players got them for back-ups/bar horns. I would go over each one as they all needed a little something here and there, then I would take it on one of my gigs and play a few numbers on it. I will not take any horn on a gig that doesn't play/sound right - it wouldn't do my rep any good and it could be damaging to the band too. So that was my thing - 'I won't sell you a horn I wouldn't play.' It worked, too. Once the guitar player wanted me to get a certain tenor, a Jupiter. I got the horn and brought it on the gig but it never made it past sound check - it was stuffy and dead. I told him 'This one is going back and I'll get you a good one.' That's exactly what I did and he heard the difference first hand. His kid played through school and into college, and they bought a Series III tenor from me that I guess he still has.
The sax was lying in the case when the case lid got slammed on it somehow. The bell is pinched down around the low B and there is damage in the low C and Eb areas, with those keys being off the sax but included. The neck is fine and so is most of the sax.
So, all I will ask is $25 to offset the UPS fee a little and I'll send it to anybody in the USA.
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