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Free Christmas Fake Book

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Hello, friends.

I know that it is still early in the year for this, but I just came across a nice, free Christmas fake book containing about 25 Christmas songs, in concert key, with other sections TRANSPOSED for tenor sax, alto sax, and bass guitar, all containing the chord symbols above the staff (although the author says he mostly derived the chords by ear).

It is called "The Public Domain Christmas Jazz Fakebook" (Third edition) created by Stephen Cox with contributions by Gannon Phillips.

The author has also generously contributed the scores in editable MuseScore format, so that you can change the chords to your liking, add repeats, add intros, etc., using the free notation program of the same name. (If you haven't used notation software, this one is very good, and can import MIDI files, XML files, and files from certain other notation programs such as GuitarPro.)

Anyway, the Christmas fake book and the editable files, are available here:

As for the fake book, you have to click on the link, rather than right-click "save as", so that the PDF opens in your browser first, and then you can download it from WITHIN the browser. Otherwise you may find that the download does not merely "save" to the desktop.

If you have any trouble with the links, let me know and I will just post the files here.

(Incidentally, for a much more complete Christmas fake book, that includes most of the well-known contemporary Christmas songs as well as the traditional, but which is not free, you may want to look into The Real Christmas Book published by Hal Leonard, in Eb and Bb editions (among others), and there is now even a separate CD ACCOMPANIMENT available for all of the songs in that book, available from the same publisher (i.e., professional play-along soundtracks, Aebersold style). I bought it two years ago, but have yet to use it myself.)
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You're welcome.

One of these days, when I have time, I may start a thread on ALL the Christmas material that I have found over the years, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and an evaluation of the 20+ play-alongs that I have tried from different publishers.
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