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Hi, friends

It's time guessed it...Free Chart Friday (bebop fanfare, please).

This week:
Who doesn't like swing? With the right rhythm section, it just feels good.
But, who doesn't tire of listening to the straight 4/4 all night long?

OK - I may not be speaking for everyone...perhaps only suggesting my own tastes...

Nonetheless, here's a tune I use with my trio/quartet that (1) swings hard and (2) does not have a walking or 2-feel bass line. In fact, the bass line is a groovy, syncopated 4-bar phrase that defines the texture and vibe of the tune from beginning to end.


(note: recording from a live gig...actual tune begins at about :40)

Oh, yeah -- if you want to try this tune with your band, you can download the free PDFs from the HIRSCHMUSIC WEBSITE.

~ Rick
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