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Free Brecker Licks

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I put up a few pages of Brecker Licks that I have worked on over the years. there on my blog page on my website. i didn't include how to use these but many of them are chromatic patterns, licks over minor tonalities or 3 tonic system kind of approaches. i usually give these to my more advanced students. Like anything from Brecker these are incredibly hard to get under your fingers but well worth it. Enjoy!
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Hi Steve,

These are cool and will give me some new stuff to work out. Thanks for sharing them!

Thank you.

I'll be sure to work these out!
Nice post Steve! Definitely going to work these out.
You're proving yourself a real leader, Steve. Excellent stuff in your blog.

Still waitin' for Neff's "Book o' Funk"... :cool:
Thanks Nefertiti! Great stuff.
Nice stuff Neff.

A cool thing to with these sequential type licks is to regroup them into groups of 3's 5's 6's etc. It's funny how some of them will fit under your fingers amzingly well and others will tend to make your head explode. BTW it's not my idea I got it from a Gary Campbell book
thanks Neff
you should keep doing more of this sort of stuff, licks, II-V-Is and all that
it's great!
thanks Neff this is great
Thanks, Steve. I like your sound...what's your setup?
A couple of those could be listed as "Joe Henderson licks" also. Great stuff!
All of my licks want to be a Joe Henderson or Michael Brecker lick when they grow up. ;)
This was corrected. See:

Just updating the link as the first post has a link that's old and broken. Here's the right one for the Brecker licks:
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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