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Here’s a call out for Fred Rast’s wonderful ‘old soul’ metal pieces. First tried a T model at KB Sax which had a great ease of tone, super buzz, very natural, with a full and colourful altissimo.

Then took a gamble with a sharply priced C model spotted on eBay.

C stands for contemporary and with that huge baffle you’d imagine it’s going to be squarely on the brighter side but nothing could be further from the truth. Walls are undercut and there’s a Berg-like scoop below the tip that’s longer than a Berg.

The bottom end is dark and huge, subtones are lush and gritty, mids are rich and focused, slightly covered with a percussive edge, the altissimo is similar to the T with a bit more brilliance. It’s the sort of piece that will fit any genre.

There’s a sweetness and musicality that runs through both T and C models. That doesn’t imply any deficit of scale or oomph though. Both feel exceptionally balanced. Beautifully made too.

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