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Frankensax - Altos Tenors and Errors :P

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Had a lot of fun making this one. Thanks to SOTW member Rubes for sharing that arrangement years ago, I'm glad I held onto it. Hope you all enjoy - mistakes and all :p.

Thanks to Dave Pollack for the inspiration on these videos!
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Just noticed, the d*** tenor player is playing way louder than everyone else.... Typical tenor sax guy :lol:

Sorry on the audio there, thought I mixed it better.
I think there is some trouble with the synching, with not always is easy to do, and with the gains. What mic were you using?

Other than that, well, fun is always fun :) I liked it!
Thanks Kreacher, its a Blue Yeti Mic, gain stayed the same on all horns, I just did some post production normalization and some decibel reduction to each track. Apparently it extremely reduced the Tenor 2 track, (rearranged bari track) and amplified the hell out of the Tenor. I can still fix it, I'd just have to resync the audio as best I can. Also noticed some of the video syncing going further and further out of time later in the video. I thought I aligned them well - Gotta find a better way to do this - Learning the video trade is time consuming :p

Thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed it!
I just thought that the sound comes very equal, so no pianos or fortes, it's all equal, you know? This happens almost automatically with phone mics because it adjusts the gain to normalization levels, but with the Blue Yeti, I don't know.

Yes, I had a shot or two with 2 part videos with small amount of music and it's not easy to learn and be able to do it so that it produces something perfect. Step by step!
Ah yeah, I see what you mean. I see one of the main issues was my lack of respect to the pp/p, mostly just forte the whole way through, with subtle dynamics around parts... But then I ran it through normalization in audacity, which makes the quiet parts louder, and the loud parts quieter... so I basically just destroyed all the dynamics I put in... Gotta learn from this mistake!
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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