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I saw the 2007 NEA Jazz Masters special on the "Legends of Jazz" program on TV back in 2007, and really liked Frank Wess's choice of tune for his performance. He was on flute for this one.

However, I never caught the name of it, nor did it sound familiar to me at the time. I've listened through many Wess recordings and couldn't find it in them, either.

I've been looking around for clips of this particular performance online, but I can't find it anywhere. For those of you that happen to know what tune it was, or have the recording of this (To clarify: it's the one with Toshiko Akiyoshi, Curtis Fuller, Phil Woods, and others), I'd really appreciate knowing what tune this was.

It was a swing tune, around 200bpm, and in a minor key. The head consists of this little descending 8th-note motif played in succession on different beats (like "Straight, No Chaser"):

1 5 3 2 (G D Bb A, if it's in G minor).

Thanks to all who can help.
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