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Francois Louis Pure Brass Ligature

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Has anyone tried these yet I noticed that they are available at saxquest? I wondered how they compare to the previous FL Lig.
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does anyone know if they fit on a Otto link super tone master metal tenor mouthpiece?
The original small FL fits a Link like a glove. Hard combo to beat.
And the XL tenor fits on my RPC 155 -- just barely. It's a bit of a stretch. But I like the lig just fine. I prefer ligatures that touch the reed minimally (am also partial to Winslows) but aren't too fussy. The Louis is good.
I might have not made my question clear enough. I was asking has anyone tried the new Francois Louis Pure Brass ligature? This isn't the same model as the old one it's a new one that just came out.
Sorry; I suppose I don't have that one. I have a brass one I bought recently. How is the new one different?
No need to answer that: it's a very different design. Looks interesting. I'll watch this thread in case someone who DOES have an answer to your question turns up.
I haven't used the new one yet, but seeing it out makes me wonder... Was there a problem with the initial design that became apparent after some time? Are they going to continue making the old ones?
That's what I wondered about too if there were issues with the old one. I'm not sure if that's the case or not, but it does look like this new one is easier to use if nothing else. Like the screw on the top I think this will allow to get the lig on and tightend quicker than the old design it also look like it's a bit more durable than the old model too.
From what's posted on the FL site, looks like they're going to farm out the old design and FL will do only the new ones.

My experience with the old design is that it's a good lig once you get it on straight; I have some trouble, because the XL tenor lig barely fits on my RCP. Also, one of the tubes on mine came loose at one end shortly after I got it, and I had to solder it back (no biggie but it shouldn't have happened). Don't know whether that was a fluke, of if the workmanship is not all it should be. I bought it recently, so FL's attention was probably already on the new design.
The same thing happened to me. That's why I was hoping this new design was better and the tubes wouldn't fall off like the old one. I guess we will have to wait and see if someone here has ordered one yet. I would but unfortunately they dont have the tenor available in the XL size yet.
I have one. I ordered it from Robertos assuming it would fit my HR link but no it's too small. I tried to put it on my metal link.....too big. I emailed them and they said he's only making that one size now and it's for a smaller HR tenor piece like a Berg.(I wish they said that on the website!) I ended up keeping it because it fits my alto piece perfect though. Steve
Damn, that's small. If it won't fit your HR link it won't fit my RPC -- it's even a little bigger (I have an HR Link too). Wonder if the bari one would work? That's odd.
Too big for a metal Link???? But that mpc is sorta the industry standard! How can it not fit either the HR or the metal Link? Are you sure they sent you the right one?:dazed:
Steve how did it sound on your alto piece?
The original version of the tenor XL will fit my RPC's; both the newer and older styles of blanks. I have an extra one I might trade for a tenor L, but preferably if it's silver plated (for looks).
Well it sure looks cool. I think they'll have to make it to fit metal mouthpieces as well as rubber and wood, (Jeez, must be tons of wood pieces out there, huh?), if they're going to make a go of it though.
The distributor's website ( - or something like that) says that the xl tenors are now ready to ship...
Right, thanks. The site says this:

New ligature sizes available for UL Pure Brass and Basic Ligature 8/4/2007
Our recently developed ligatures, the Ultimate Ligature Pure Brass and the Basic Ligature are a success, and have already been distributed in over 20 countries throughout the world. We are happy to announce that we have expanded our range of sizes for these ligatures to fit hard rubber tenor mouthpieces (XL Tenor), small hard rubber bariton mouthpieces (L Bariton) and alt clarinet mouthpieces, in addition to the already existing XL Alt, L Tenor and Clarinet mouthpieces. These sizes are available for order now!


For thinner mouthpieces and German clarinet mouthpieces, a new system was developed to replace the previous system with the longer screw: the "Level Expander". It consists of a washer increasing the heighth of your pressure plate to create the proper contact with the mouthpiece. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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