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Low mileage, hardly a scratch on it, plays great. Came with a Link STM 7 that's kind of thrashed (I have one already, anyhow). Got it from the original owner who bought it in 05, played it in high school, then sort of put it away. Had to drive almost 400 miles round trip to get it, but the price seemed right - less than half the price of a new one.

First impressions, nice even tone, not quite as interesting or complex as my Comm III, but very nice to my ear. Really good intonation and ergos, but I'll have to get used to switching back and forth from the Martin which I'm going to keep using on my R&R gigs. Nice thing is its a good match with my alto, a YAS-62 (older version with the purple logo).

Could use some detailing here and there and the neck strap smells like Lysol :( . What would be safe to use on the lacquer to sparkle it up?

Thanks are due to all the folks here who got me interested in playing again, which led me to scouring CL for deals. I figure with the economy circling the drain I might as well convert some of my cash into something that might hold value better, not to mention fun to have. How's that for a fine rationalization?
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