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For those of you who did Sax first. Did flute every take over your practicing?

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That happened for me. I started out with flute for 10 minutes and sax for an hour. and now its flute for an hour and sax for an hour. flute always first. I just like playing flute that much since I got back into it 5 years ago K
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Flute was my first love. I can't imagine not playing the flute. Typically I try to divide my time equally between sax and flute. Or if I feel there is an aspect of my playing on either sax or flute that needs extra work I might concentrate on one instrument for however long it takes to fix a problem. After my house burned to the ground I was unable to play for close to eight months since I lost all my horns and was dealing with a lot of BS. Once I replaced my instruments and started practicing again I had to spend more time on the flute to get my chops back than the saxophone. My fingers were fine but my embouchure was not, all those fine adjustments you have to make just sort of wasn't happening. It's taken me several months to get back to where I was and though I'm almost there I'm still working on it! I love both instruments equally. I never want to stop playing. This is why I was here before as Rob Payne as I lost my email account after the fire and was unable to retrieve it so I just signed up again as rcpayne. It seemed easier than trying to get my old account back. Having your house burn down can really screw your life up, LOL.
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