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For those of you who did Sax first. Did flute every take over your practicing?

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That happened for me. I started out with flute for 10 minutes and sax for an hour. and now its flute for an hour and sax for an hour. flute always first. I just like playing flute that much since I got back into it 5 years ago K
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I started playing flute in the early '90s but only got really serious about it maybe 10 years after that. Can't say it really has taken over my practicing as I've been gigging on sax for over 20 years so I'm always practicing sax (mostly tenor & bari these days) to prep or stay in shape for those gigs.

When I first became serious I would practice flute for an hour or more and then play sax or I'd practice them on different days if I didn't have time to play both. Now I tend to warm up with 15-20 minutes of flute while I'm taking a sax out and then spend about 2 hours alternating between the two.
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