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For anyone how likes Branford Marsalis.

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Join us Sunday, December 4 at 2:50 pm ET, for a free live webcast of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 and jazz icon Branford Marsalis.

Tune in to tomorrow!


Thomas Wilkins, conductor

Branford Marsalis, alto saxophone

BARTÓK Rumanian Folk Dances

GLAZUNOV Concerto for Alto Saxophone

SCHULHOFF Selections from Hot-Sonate for Saxophone and Orchestra

BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 7

Branford Marsalis, virtuoso saxophonist and former leader of NBC's Tonight Show Band, heats up Orchestra Hall in December. Marsalis performs the rarely heard Hot-Sonate of Erwin Schulhoff, whose persecution by the Nazis would destroy his career and end his life in a concentration camp, and Glazunov's Alto Saxophone Concerto. These concerts also feature Beethoven's kinetic Seventh Symphony - Wagner called it "the apotheosis of the dance" - under Thomas Wilkins, former DSO Resident Conductor.

Hope you enjoy, because I know I will!!
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