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I have been on a GAS run lately trying out different mouthpieces because of the ever shifting requirements by the different genres of bands I front, sub and get hired for.

Recently I purchased two metal tenor mouthpieces that could not be more polar opposites, one being a M6/.105 and a Guardala "Studio".

I have always been curious about the buzz surrounding the Guardala mouthpieces and I had a specific need to find something with a very high baffle and lots of edge.

The "Studio" model is not the brightest model and in fact is considered a moderately bright piece but it really makes up in edge and projection and for my horn which is considerably dark it gets me where I want to be and then some. However it is extremely reed unfriendly but once the reed is straight and sealed watch out! Perfect for the FunkSoulJazzJam (think Galactic, KDTU) festival band I am in.

The Ponzol mouthpiece is something I knew would be comparable to my own M1/.110 but it has no baffle and a low large chamber like a nice vintage link.
As expected the Ponzol is an excellent mouthpiece that feels great to play and man does it play. Dark, robust and an easy blowing piece allowing me to perform at any level throughout the horn including low Bb which pops out, and altissimo.
A great all-round mouthpiece with that vintage vibe perfect for traditional jazz, and studio work when a smooth dark sound is required.

Thoughts from mouthpiece mania. :sunny:

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