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Hi Briggan,
Long time, no see - hope you're well..
I've copied from previous post re travelling with my bari - here it is.
Lisa xo
I travel with my "The Martin" bari to Europe (from NY) a couple of times a year, and domestically quite a few times a year (I'm the bari player for the Diva Jazz Orchestra). I've been using a BAM case for a few years - I bought one about 6 months after they came out.
I GATE-CHECK the horn - this is the key. This means I carry it through security - it fits through the X-ray machine - and carry it to the door of the plane and leave it where the baby strollers go - it gets a pink gate-check tag at either check-in or at the gate - depending on the airline.. It is hand-carried to a separate luggage chamber & at the end of the flight, it gets hand-carried back up to the door of the plane. If you travel on a non-American airline, they let you bring it on board and store it in the coat closet. Sometimes (but much rarer) the American companies will let you do that too..
I've never had damage on an international flight, but twice on a returning Delta/Northworst flight to LGA, it was put on the belt instead, and I had to get repairs. That was twice in about 100 flights since I've had the BAM case.
Best of luck and have a great tour!
Lisa Parrott
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