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Flutes - Yamaha/Tervor James (maybe in Australia)

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Flutes - Yamaha/Tervor James (maybe in Austria)


I'm tyring to find information for someone. He is going to buy a new flute and is going to be in Australia so maybe it is better if he buys it there. I don't know where in Australia he will be, but is there a store in Australia that has a website so I can look at the prices of flutes for comparison. The two reasons that possibly better to buy in Australia are bigger selection and lower price.

Also, his teacher recommended either Yamaha or Trevor James. I'm familiar with Yamaha and think they are good. How does Trevor James compare with Yamaha? I'm talking about the lower end of the Yamaha and around similar price range for both.


Edit: Sorry, I accidently wrote Australia but actually meant Austria.
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My impression of Trevor James is a Taiwanese instrument with a sophisticate English-sounding name imparted to it, but nevertheless, typical of Taiwanese student flutes..

My experience of TJ is:
1. Fuzzy tone. Hence not a patch on Yamaha's tone.
2. Blistering of the silver plating is rather common. Not a feature of Yamaha.
3. Some very short springs (IMO poor design, unlike Yamaha) means a sluggish feel in the action.

However this impression is gained from working on and test playing only 15 instruments between 1989 and 2004. Perhaps they have improved.
The only TJ I have seen is one that came in from a traveling player who had a problem on tour. It was really a cheap flute in my opinion. I would put it below a Jupiter.
The Trevor James Flutes aren't much chop, they have keywork issues and not a particularly wondeful tone. The Yamaha flutes are fine. If the new person is in Australia send them off to Flute Fidelity or the Flute Tree in Sydney where they have a big selection of nice flutes to test out.
Someone on Larry Krantz' flute list recently said that Trevor James & Sonare were made at the same factory in Beijing, China. IME, Sonare flutes also have keywork issues and not a particularly great tone - despite their "Powell" head which isn't really what one expects of a Powell head.
Thanks very much. I told him all the information about Trevor James and Yamaha.

But I made a mistake... I accidently wrote Australia when he actually meant Austria. Any clue about prices or stores in Austria (I'm sure they have a lot of selection there)?

That's the common Shrub mistake......... Austria is on the other side of the world from here.
I'll repeat my message on a different thread:


I'm glad someone mentioned Trevor James flutes. I got my 2 TJs off eBay. The first was a basic student model TJ 10X. The HJ was easiest to blow. Loved the overtones. rather quirky I would say. I played it once on the streets of Vienna (Austria). An American lady came by, said she was a flute teacher, and checked out my humble silverplated 10x. She thought the sound came from a flute that would costs at least US$1000. I actually paid Euro 120 (around US$180) for it.

I decided to u/g to the next level TJ which is a "Privilege" model, also from eBay. This time inline G, open hole. Paid around US$200 this time. Absolutely no regrets, although I'm still struggling with the open holes. I think open hole flutes are the standard in my neck of the woods.

If you have access to Trevor James, go try them out before finally deciding.

end quote

re buying flutes in A U S T R I A, no bargains to be found here I'm afraid, nothing's cheap. the above mentioned Trevor James student model TJ 10X costs around EUR 500 in the shops. I agree with the earlier comments about the fuzzy tone someone mentioned. but that was what attracted me to it. for me, a very pliable sound, different from the industry standard ones.
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Thanks very much hobbyflutist. About Austria - it is no so much that he is looking for a better deal in Austria, but if the price is about the same then there is probably much bigger selection in Austria. If you know any, can you recommend specific stores with a a good selection and will let you try them.

Thanks again.
ok. go to google and type in the search words "trevor james wien" (wien = vienna, assuming your friend is coming here) you'll get two likely hits. the first one is the more established (and expensive) shop in Wien. The other entry just below it is less fancy, but I feel has more reasonable prices. It has a price list in its main webpage. My advice is go for the Privilege Model of Trevor James (listed at EUR 600, but you can bargain). It is a step above the TJ10X, and has a more accurate scale and intonation.

I'm not mentioning the shop names specifically because I do not want to endorse either. I've visited both, they are quite competent, and I've had my flutes fixed in the first shop. But really nothing to scream about. Like I said the first shop is more exclusive, and the second is more down to earth (reachable by subway station U4, Pilgramstr.)

If it's a choice between Yamaha and Trevor James, I say do not blow away the TJ. Try it out first. I have both, and feel the TJ (Privilege model) has a more accurate scale. This is apparent when I play along with the CDs of professional players. Hope your friend finds the ideal flute.

p.s. both shops are german speaking, although the first one has some webpages in english.
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