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Flutes need adjustment

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Can't take them to my tech and getting harder to play.
Bass unplayable, alto ok.
Dropped a plate on my expensive headjoint.
Made small dent by cork so no effect but hurts my heart every time I see it.
Saxophones seem ok but probably need a bit.
Can always play melodica.
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Usually very easy to burnish out dents on a headjoint so that they are invisible.
Bruce Belo is a master at that so I'm not really worried, but it is a Sheridan.
Brian is great, but I want to see Bruce work on it and hand it to me to check in person.

I know a fellow musician with electric bagpipes.
It's about as long as a chanter, made of metal with non-moving touch buttons and switches on the bottom for choosing drones and scales.
Today took concert and bass flutes + tenor sax in for tune up.
Bruce spent almost 2 hours while I watched and talked to him.
No new pads but many leaks especially in bass.
Took dents out of head with no visible marks left.
He showed me a Mk6 alto that he took from junk to amazing.
Had been partially run over.
He paid $50.00 for it in that condition
He took off all posts, straightened everything, soldered all back, got everything ready for silver plating and sent to Andersons.
Did a complete overhaul.
Looks like a million $
Says it's the 2nd best alto he has played.
Bass plays great, it wasn't me after all.
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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