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Flute with bis key

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As sax player and flutemaker I have always wanted to have a bis key on the flute. I made up a few adding it and while I was at it I made some other changes to the left hand. I did it with the offest G leaving the cups covered in the left hand and open in the right hand. This way the left hand is free to angle at a comfortable position without worry of not covering the holes. I used a smaller lower G hole positioned higher in the body to eliminate the need for a split E or donut in the lower G. With this alteration, the G# lever is elongated and more sax-like in feel. Having the A pad covered also has a small advantage of making F#3 a bit more stable. It feels pretty natural to me. Photos:[email protected]/tags/bis/
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Pretty interesting stuff! I wonder if the sax-like flute will make sax players, (EVEN MORE), less likely to study proper flute playing? We have three Bb fingerings- the lever Bb is a great alternative, (on piccolo, a must IMO, because the thumb,1,4 fingering is poor in tone, and intonation). Just talking to myself! Good luck- I will keep an eye on this.
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