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Flute & sax embouchure changes over different ranges

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I've played flute for 50 years and feel confident about my abilities.
Sax a long time but didn't have much instruction or serious practice compared to flute.

On flute i change the air stream angle and shape for different registers.
For low notes a wider aperture and higher angle (almost straight across), for high a narrower hole and lower downward angle.

On sax I move my bottom lip/jaw slightly in and out thereby changing the amount of available reed for vibration.
Out for low (more reed) and in for high (less reed).

On both instruments these actions are graded throughout the whole note range.

Does this seem viable?
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I was taught with flute to always keep the throat open.
French articulation is tongue between the teeth, which I use for staccato.
My normal way is on the roof of the mouth which is what i do on sax.
I have been practicing tenor which always has been hard for me, I usually play alto.
I use a Couf Artist 9* HR on both horns but with different brands of reed and hardness.
Rico Royal 3 1/2 on tenor Vandoren 3 on alto.
Maybe i should stick to alto.
What is the actual tip opening of a Couf Artist 9* HR tenor? 3 1/2 RR seems like a lot of work. I used to play big tips and hard reeds, but you really don't have to work so hard to get a great sound.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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