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Dear Flutists,
I just posted my email to you on FB. When I did, I tweaked it to make it more clear. Here it is for anyone to copy and send to anyone and everyone.
My husband Mark Vinci and I have COVID-19.
I was lucky in that the only symptom I have is loss of taste and smell.
Mark, unfortunately, had severe coughing and respiratory restriction, and a 16 day "101" fever. He was hospitalized in NYC a total of 4 days.
The doctors stabilized him and released him with an 80% chance to live. One of the reasons they released him was because he was able to get himself out of the scary cough/restricted-breathing episodes that can occur in some more severe cases.
At home Mark slept 24/7 for about 14 days. A number of times we didn't know if he was going to make it. What helped save him was when he had the restricted-breathing episodes, he would curl up in a fetal position and breathe as low as a mushroom (his description), which was minimal air intake with faster than normal breaths. After about 10 minutes of this, he would fall asleep again for another 5 hours or more, only to get up for a few minutes and have it happen again. He is healing slowly. Eventually, he was able to stay up for 15 minutes, then then 45 minutes, then over an hour, etc.. Now, he can stay up most of the day. But even now, when he has difficulty breathing, he lays down and uses minimal breathing again.
Most people, including myself, in a restricted-breathing situation would tend to gasp for more air. Unfortunately, with this virus, forcing air into the lungs causes the alveoli sacs to collapse and the patient can die. Doctors have figured out that if the patient cannot psychologically handle the necessary low-oxygen intake administered on a ventilator, they tend to take breaths around their the ventilator tube, and then they could die. So, then the doctors figured out they had to sedate those patients, which can work, but could have harmful consequences.
Please take the time to view the attached video that explains how this virus affects the lungs, and what doctors have learned about how to treat those symptoms. The video is narrated and produced by Dr. Roger Seheult, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, and founder of
Please heed all warnings, take all precautions, stay safe and healthy.
Jan Vinci
Jan Vincijanvinci.comDistinguished Artist-in-Residence, Skidmore College


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Very interesting. This is good information for anyone to have. But are you saying that woodwind musicians might be able to breathe at a low rate to help fight this?

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I just posted what Jan experienced.
Research her findings.
From my near death experiences when flying, having fun doing stupid tricks and not in a stunt plane, or lifeguarding in the ocean, staying calm is paramount.
My respiratory system was damaged while in the military in the mid '60s.
Not fun ...and decades of fine art woodwork/fiddles/guitars/gunstocks and boatyards outfitting yachts... scary times in the ER.

My Sho Bud pedal steel guitar was was put in my work truck by Chuck Conners nephew as I spent several days in a hospital, helios treatment to name one of many, and I wasn't going home without that instrument.
The former owner's initials on the case were ER. woo woo stuff? :yikes!: :D

Would be swimming laps but the 50 meter pool is on lockdown!
System is sensitive as cats, not jazzers, and other animals require taking allergy meds a few days before and after.
Glad my gardener, we were his first customers decades ago, makes it affordable.

Have fun/Stay safe

FYI: the masks are for the shop and this virus and the H110 for the zombie virus. ;)
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