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After many years on Bb saxes, I've never really found my voice on alto. But about two months ago, I bought a very clean Florida Link Super Tone Master for my new gold-plated Yani clone prototype alto. But due to the roll on the end of the neck, this mouthpiece would not go on the cork far enough to tune. Even after filing down the roll, the STM just wouldn't go far enough up the cork. And the tone I got was not quite as ideal as I had wanted. I'm still in the experimentation phase on alto setups so there was no hurry for a solution.

Then came this new score I arranged to play while my wife sings. The key she needed it in was all wrong from tenor or soprano, so I decided I would perform it on alto. So while working with my new alto and a HR Greg Weir mouthpiece that plays pretty well, I decided to try sticking the STM on my brown patina Buescher True Tone that I rebuilt last year.

(yes, that many exclamation points are required)

All of the sudden, the True Tone came alive. The tone is unexpectedly bright but super full. Even the palm key notes are rich, fat and in tune and the low notes require no jaw work and are also full. I just couldn't believe it. And the notes just pop effortlessly. It's now the easiest playing sax I have ever owned.

Sunday morning, we performed and it was unreal. It's like the horn played itself and the tone sounded big and "mature" even during the sections where I played very softly.

If you are thinking of trying a similar setup, here's the spec's:

Florida (no USA) Link STM
Original Florida "A" Lig.
Rice Plasticover #3 Reed
Bare Brass 1927 Series III Buescher True Tone alto saxophone
Black Saxgourmet Roopads
MusicMedic "Air Tight" (domed Noyek) Bare Brass Resonators
Bottle Cork in Bottom of Bow to Eliminate Low Note Warble.

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Most people would never think to try a metal piece with an old Buescher alto.... but one of my fave alto players, Arthur Blythe, does just that.
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