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I am currently playing on a refaced Brilhart Personaline with a Francois Louis Ultimate Lig. My tone tends to lean towards the brighter side, but I'm looking for a mouthpiece that can really help me open up my sound more- something that can produce a lot of volume, round sound, dark, yet flexible for many genres.

I would prefer a hard rubber mouthpiece. So far I have been looking at Claude Lakey and RPC mouthpieces, but I haven't tried anything but my Brilhart Personaline and a Selmer C* Soloist so I don't have much to reference anything to.

Thank you so much for looking at my post :)

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One think is absolutely sure, if you want flexible, round and dark Lakey is not the way to go!

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For a flexible, dark and round sound I'd recommend a Brilhart Personaline and lots of practice. :mrgreen:

Did you try experimenting with different reeds?
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