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I know, what with Covid and all it's kind of weird. But here's the back story. I've bought a bunch of vintage no-name mouthpieces over the years and refurbished them. One of my favorites is taking a mouthpiece with a chamber like an old Link and put a facing on it from an old Link. I like most of them, some of them as much or more than the real thing. Since it is only for my own entertainment, the uglier the carcass I can find (and the cheaper), the more entertaining I find the project. Here is a blog on the carcass used for the present pass-around mouthpiece. Yes, this Pitt American mouthpiece was nasty even before Covid. I did not play test it before modification. Here it is now after extensive reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.


It is a common JJ Babbitt mouthpiece that was included in a bucket of woodwind mouthpieces (which included a mouthpiece that I actually wanted). So it was basically free. I put a facing on it that is essentially identical to the facing on my Otto Link Slant Signature Hawkins Special Tone Edge (which routinely sell for over $800). I like playing the Pitt American just as much and think that it sounds just as good, but maybe I'm delusional. Time for a pass around, especially to those who own a Link. The Hawkins Special was Link's largest tip opening at the time and measures a whopping .090 inch.

Not many of the regular rules need apply. There is no need for $500 in insurance. Priority mail isn't required. I'll pay the first postage and everyone participating is required to pay postage to the next person (ConUS only). Open the package carefully and we should be able to use the same box for everybody. Play it for three days and PM me to send you the name and address of the next person. I'll sanitize it before sending, you do the same and feel free to douse with it Listerine, vodka, etc., (just no hot water or bleach) when you receive it. I don't want it coming back looking like it did in the blog. Send me a PM with your name and address if you are brave enough to try this one. Post your reviews to this thread whether good or bad. I'm going to limit this to 10, assuming that I get that much interest.
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