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Fla. Link Question

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I have just acquired a Florida Link and I have a question about it. It has double rings on the shank, no USA, the facing (8) is on the side, and M4 on the other side. It looks like the pieces under "The Move to Pompano Beach" on Theo Wanne's site. I'm wondering if the M4 is a serial number or a model or facing designation like the JA (Joe Allard) model. Thanks.
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could it be almost like a transitional model from the double ring to the florida?

im not a link expert, just a guess
I think I have an old alto link that has a letter-number combination on it. That's all I know.
Can you measure it. If you don't like it, send it to me. :)
I think each piece has a letter and a number, ie A1 to A99 the B1 to B99 etc...
That sounds like an early florida double ring to me. If it's an 8 you've fallen into a very hard to find piece that would fetch a lot of dough. The very early double rings were from NYC but this sounds like an early FLA. Congrats! I hope it plays well. Let me know if you want to find it a new home.
Its just a serial number, nothing more.

They all had serial numbers, even the first run of no-USA "Non-double ring" Floridas, then at one point, they stopped.
I sold a NY TM recently and it has something like T99 on the side which I would consider the serial number.
Thanks for the help guys. I do plan on holding on to it, but will probably have it refaced. It has been worked on before and replated. It also looks like the baffle extends all the way to the tip, but there is no discernible tip. It looks like it will need some significant work, but I think it has a lot of potential. It plays surprisingly well right now considering, and luckily I got a good deal on it so I can have the work done and still be out far less than buying a good Fla. link.
FYI, here's a recent auction for a Florida double-line. It didn't sell, but the pricing isn't out of line with typical recent sales. Yours is likely more desirable to most, being an 8, though the prior work may be some issue.
Thanks, Jim. That looks like the mouthpiece I have.
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