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Fixed my Indiana! Now I have two Martins!!

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Horn Improvement did a great job of restoring my Indiana (2nd sax in the back) after my old tech did an incomplete overhaui. It was not in great shape though, and still has a slightly twisted bell. And it had a neck in terrible shape, and was giving me particularly bad intonation problems on C#3. Jeff installed a mod to adjust this, you can see it in the pic right above the side C keypad. He used a part from another horns front f key, and it looks nearly original. This closes the topmost pad when the octave key is depressed to flatten the pitch of the C#3 and palm notes. I was still having a lot of tuning and response issues with it, but after I located a new neck for it from an earlier Indiana, it played great, especially with the mod Jeff added. I find it works well for me with a Runyon Custom 7 + RJS 3S filed reed and Rovner light lig.

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