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Five players playing four brothers

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That's just delightful!.........daryl
I talked to them when I was at disney. They were really nice...and top notch players!
One of my favorite videos.
Wow. What tone and timing! Totally awesome.

Thanks Big Al,

I always thought the bass sax had to be played on a stand of some sort, but that guy looks completely comfortable with his.
I'll get to see them in a couple of years when we finally make it to Orlando. Great clip and great players.
Personally, I think the soprano player is the most killing. Listen to that sound! Guess the vintage conn he was playing didn't hurt his sound either ;)
Holy smokes.Not many music lovers hustling by behind them.
yea, i've seen them before. I plan to see them again in about a month!! They are a really fun show to see! I'd definantly recomend asking when they will be showing, it's a real treat to see them.
That made my day - thanks for posting!
The bari and bass players were great! Not to mention the others of course, just superb. Thanks =]
Al Stevens said:
That's wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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