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fitting a new neck to an old sax

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I have a Selmer Signet (a very decent one in fact, although they tend to be much hated), but the neck is bent. It plays very good, has a nice tone, but the angle of the mouthpiece is somewhat uncomfortable. So I've been thinking about replacing the neck. I tried to fit the neck of my B&S Chicago Jazz on my Selmer. Now that's a HUGE difference (there's at least 3 mm space on each size). Yet, there are a lot of necks sold, also online, without any size specifics.

How does one know that a neck fits a sax?
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The 400, Aristocrat and Bundy necks pretty much have the same tenon size with a few exceptions. At least that's my experiance and I am a Buescher nut. If your Signet is from the 1970's or before with the bell-keys on the left side, there is very good chance that it is a Buescher Aristocrat design with maybe a few nice extras.

That said, I have found most non-Buescher necks you find will have much smaller tenons. But a good tech can stretch them to fit your horn. I have a Yani neck that my tech stretched for me to fit my 400. It works great but I've come to like the darker sound my original neck provides.

Almost all after-market necks will have small tenons to fit Selmer Paris horns. That just seems to be the standard size. Some will mess up your horn's intonation and some will improve it. You will have to try them to find out which works best. I have a PB Moore neck that I use on my old 1970's Bundy school horn. It really helps that horn out and makes it a joy to play. You can sometimes find them on eBay for just a little over a $100.

Also, expect to pay for a full hour of your tech's time to do the tenon fitting. It's hard difficult work to stretch a tenon that far.
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