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fitting a new neck to an old sax

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I have a Selmer Signet (a very decent one in fact, although they tend to be much hated), but the neck is bent. It plays very good, has a nice tone, but the angle of the mouthpiece is somewhat uncomfortable. So I've been thinking about replacing the neck. I tried to fit the neck of my B&S Chicago Jazz on my Selmer. Now that's a HUGE difference (there's at least 3 mm space on each size). Yet, there are a lot of necks sold, also online, without any size specifics.

How does one know that a neck fits a sax?
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thanks for the answers. So basically it's a gambling game if you don't want to spent 500 euro on an aftermarket neck you can try out (normal prices here :shock: ). I'll check on it later (my car eats a LOT of budget these days).
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