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Fishing a repad. ???!!!! @#$%[email protected]!!!

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I recently learned how to do a repad from a repair technician, but I am not sure that it is the most efficient way to do it. I already know how to mount the pads and everything, and I can already fix mechanical problems, but sealing the pads is what I have trouble with. After I get the whole sax together, I was told to use a heat gun on each key cup, (for about fourty seconds on the top of each key cup), and press down with a rag on the key button or cup, depending on which is available. I have heard that people have used key clamps, and other methods. Does any one, (which I'm sure a lot of people on this website do), know how to finish sealing, and shaping the pads, after every pad is mounted? Thankyou!
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i had the same problem, but floating pads in worked fine,
occasionally i found that if i put the horn away for a week after the repad then the pads floated in much easier and stayed sealing well.
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