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First series Beaugnier Soprano

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...I am considering selling this, it was beautifully restored form Johan Jonker from the Netherlands...
I did a little video as this is quite a fascinating instrument:
There is a slight distortion on the mics of my labtop, not the horn! :)

Serial number 2740, built in 1934

The total length is 605mm.

Emilien Beaugnier started his own workshop in 1920, at that time they made brass parts and studied the possibility of making saxophones. In 1921, the necessary tools were built, and implemented in January 1922 (stretched tone holes etc.). Robert Siour was partner of Emilien Beaugnier from 1927 onwards.

Around and before 1925, the Beaugnier saxophones appeared on the market and this saxophone is stamped: Old establishments R. Siour and E. Beaugnier so it was built after the end of 1933.
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