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First public solo on nino

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I will play "My Heart will go on" tommorrow when I demonstrate the sax family for my sister in laws recital. Piece sounds nice w/ the exception of my tendency to make nino sound a little strident and harsh on the high B(twice) towards the end of the piece.
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Played "my heart will go on" w/ CD acompiant on my Rampone nino as part of the pre recital entertainment. The high B sounded good in the big sanctuary. Maybe ninos sound best in big rooms w/ great acoustics!!!LOL I played 2 tango w/ a accompiant CD on tenor,2 acapella baritone numbers,the nino piece,and 2 acapella numbers on soprano. Believe or not most compliants were about my nino playing. I'm guessing people liked the novelty of it!!!!
My sister in law's boyfriend taped it. I have to hit him up for a copy!!!!
It was a low budget affair(cept for the saxes used) I used a panasonic portable CD player plugged into a Milwaukee job site radio{designed by rockford fosgate} for the pieces that had CD accompiant.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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