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Finding your own sound (voice)!

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Hey wuz up folks? I have been playing the sax for about 9 yrs now. I am on a yanagisawa metal 7 mouthpiece with rico jazz selects 2m. I am trying to find my own personal sound. I notice that I have a pretty bright sound when I am playing. The thing is I have a feeling that I tend to sound like most other players around my skill level. I am trying to get my tone to the point where people can say hey that is Iceman (just using my username as an example). I am trying to get a sound between Dave Koz and Kirk Whalum. I have been playing along with people, but I don't know how much that is helping. People have told me I sound nice. I am just trying to get my personal sound to where I can be satisfied.
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I believe that you already have your own voice. Put it in language development terms. You learned how to talk from your parents and others but you sound like you because of your physical structure, phrasing, thought processes, musical and life experiences. This "you" comes out in your playing. I'm sure if people who have heard you play heard a tape of you playing a similar song along with 10 other players, they could pick you out. Just keep playing and listening and your voice will become more distinct. :)
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