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Finding High Serial Number Legere Reeds

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I recently ordered Legere regular cut alto reeds in 2, 2.25 and 2.5 strengths. The 2 and 2.5 were in the 15x,xxx range while the 2.25 was in the 11x,xxx range. Perhaps the odd strengths sell less? This is the second 2.25 that I've gotten that doesn't play anything like the other Legeres I've tried, and judging by the 2 and 2.5 strengths, 2.25 is the strength I need. I'm guessing they play poorly because these are older reeds and Legere has improved them over time.

So - anyone know where I can find current serial number 2.25 Legere alto reeds? You can buy direct from Legere but they discourage it and their prices are high. Checked WWBW figuring they'd have good turnover, but they don't even have the regular cut for alto listed online.
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Perhaps Muncy Winds can help you. Another thing you might do is to write to Guy Legere (via the Legere web site) and run your experience by him and see what he says.

It appears to me that Legere reeds have different serial number ranges for each type of reed. For example, my stash of Legere regular cut tenor reeds has a 131313 - 141390 range, my Quebec Bb clarinet reeds are 176226 - 230035, and my bass clarinet reeds are 122056 - 124254.

I keep my reeds in serial number order for each instrument. When I need to replace a tenor reed in rotation in my reed case I'll buy a new reed, put it at the back-end of my stash of tenor reeds, and use the oldest one (first in line). In this way I'm adding new reeds and using old ones in a rolling manner. Normally, the older reeds play perfectly fine. I haven't noticed any differences to speak of between the older ones I have and a brand-new one from the music shop.

Thanks for the suggestions Roger. I'll check with Muncy Winds. I also have an email in to customer service at Legere but have not heard back from them yet.
No response from Légère (not even "we don't know" :() but Muncy Winds had two in the 15x,xxx range that are on the way. Thanks for the tip Roger!
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