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Finally put up a music site!

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I've been wanting to put up a site where I could share some of my clips, and I finally made one today! Here's the link guys! I hope you guys dig it! Let me know what you guys think...

Hope you enjoy it! Add me if you have a myspace account!
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Thanks! If you have a myspace, add me!
Love your solo on Fire Marshal Andrew.You are very good.
Great solo. I added you on MySpace :)

- Tyler

BTW Washington Redskins?? I say go Broncos :)
Broncos and the Skins have tons in common. It's like we swap picks/players every year! Thanks for Portis btw. Best trade we could've made in my opinion. Champ is great, but we need a back like Clinton.

Either way I hope the Patriots lose with Randy Moss and all that...
I couldn't agree more! :D
Just added a new tune...will be adding one more soon!
No love for the rebuilding niner's?? Sounds great. K
Psh...they only got Gore now. Young and Montana are in the past. ;)

Titans are rebuilding and Vince Young is going to dominate :)
I'd give the niners and titans about 3-4 years and they'll be legitimate playoff contenders again. Titans need to learn to draft better, and the niners...well they just need help in lots of places.
my birthday is today! anyone else have a birthday today?
Hey, man sounds awesome. But what else could you expect coming out of UNT? I will add you when I sign on today.
Glad you guys like the music...added a new tune. This time I'm on baritone!
Aww man I'm sorry, I totally over looked the thread when you posted about your birthday :( So happy late birthday I guess :(

Awesome playing!!
haha thanks!
Andrew,love your solos!
You sound just fantastic!
All the best,
Thanks! Working on putting some movies up on youtube now...if i could only figure out my camera....
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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