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Finally, a recording of myself and some freinds! 3 out of 5 mpcs I use are Drakes!

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Here it is, a recording of a jam session I held at my place (awesome outdoor ampitheatre-like acoustics!). This was recorded on an iPhone! This is a Jam, and some pieces certainly gelled better than others! Enjoy! If you want to know who played where and what, just ask. There are multiple saxes on this recording.

My equipment is listed in my profile. I am playing Drakes on Alto, Tenor, and Bari. Soprano I'm playing on a metal Rover Deep V.

Mics are AKG clip on (all 4 of my saxes using the same mic), Shure SM57, and Shure Beta 58.

Bari Sax in "Kansas City" is me :) . That is my favorite piece, ever, and on this recording!

It is about 45 min long! MOST of the Jam. Last 3/4 of the Jam if I remember. Didn't miss much in the first 1/4, as we were just mostly warming up, and figuring what we were going to play anyway :) .
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Isaac, sorry to have missed your party..sounds fun.
Your Dad stopped in the store today for valve oil...
I recognized him by his voice!..You two sound alot alike.
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