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Fiddle Diddle

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Very basic Guitar loop with the guitar and soprano sax improvising on top. No great shakes, just for fun. Comments welcome.
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Thanks dogster. Playing a Yani elimona using a Lamberson 7SB with 2 1/2 Fibrecell reed and a rovner style lig.
Thanks Milandro. You've always been very kind and supportive, but also made good critical observations. Seems to be a theme you have of thinking this sort of thing would work with visual images. I tend to think that way, but just don't have any idea how to put it together. Want a job as an agent?

You're right about a third instrument. I'd especially love to play with a bass player. We sometimes have a drummer, but not usually for practices (most of my recordings are from our regular practices where we try out new ideas). I sometimes think melodically like I’m playing a trumpet rather than a sax. Interesting that you picked that up. Afraid I can't quite get the "BLAT" sound of a trumpet though.

Cheers man, great to have you chime in.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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