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Fiddle Diddle

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Very basic Guitar loop with the guitar and soprano sax improvising on top. No great shakes, just for fun. Comments welcome.
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very nice and filmic. I keep on thinking that you should promote your work for (independent?) film, television or radio.

The fact that sometimes the soprano played on the low notes seemed to interact with the rest sounding a bit like a trumpet made me think that you could probably introduce a third instrument in your compositions.
I wish I had those kinds of contacts which could make me an agent! But that is the reason why I suggested you to get in touch with some independent film makers

I think the attack of a trumpet is rather different from a saxophone but some of the low notes definitely suggested a trumpet to me. When a friend of mine played her curved soprano often I thought that some of the medium high notes sounded like a flute, maybe I am crazy! :)

I much admire your tone and now that I am attempting to playing a little sopranino I appreciate your tone on it even better!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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