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Fibracell reed drilling?

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I just bought a Fibracell reed. It plays really like cane, to my surprise. It would make a great reed for shedding or even performing for that matter. But it's a little to hard for my taste. It's a medium and a medium soft would be better. Unfortunately my dealer has run out of medium soft Fibracell.

Is it a good idea to drill the reed like you can do with regular cane? Or would I ruin this expensive reed?
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When they rolled out the new Primiers a few years ago there was a problem with reed strength that I emailed Fibracell about. Here's a quote from the email that I received: "You can sand the heart a little (stay away from the rails and tip) with 400 grit wet/dry sand paper to soften it. "
I'd stay away from drilling though, but that's just me.........daryl
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