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I'm a 15 year old alto player with a great teacher. I also am in love with saxophone. I have the omnibook, which apparently is any alto players bible. But i have been getting heavily into Coltraine and other tenor players like Lester Young. I transcribed the intro and solo for Goodbye Pork Pie hat for alto. I would really like to get a transcription of:
Mr. P.C. -John Coltrane
Naima - John Coltrane
Haitian Fight Song - Charles Mingus

If anybody could help me out with these it would be greatly appreciated. I like these forums alot.

[email protected] is my email address if you need to email it to me. i can provide any of the songs from the omnibook.

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Go here:

Browse around and see if what you are looking for is already there. If so, $0.50 a page and most solos are 4 pages or less. If it isn't there, send Curtis an MP3 of the track and he will transcribe the solo for you and send you a PDF of the solo.

Curtis is quick, accurate, and cheap. The solos are very well presented too. He's a great bloke offering a great service and it's CHEAP as chips. Check him out.

On another note, and no criticism intended, if you ask for members to send you transcriptions, most memers will be only too happy to help you out. Just don't forget to contribute by doing a few of your own transcriptions, so that you can return the favour for others.
Share the love. :D
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