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So, I'm in a band...

Sorry, I enjoy saying that whenever I'm about to talk about us. The band's S.I.Q. and I sing and play sax in it. It's technically Progressive Metal, but we throw sax in occasionally when we feel it works. The song I'm wanting feedback on never had a sax solo until about three weeks before we went into the studio to record it, it was just a chill section between the loud parts...very technical, I know. Either way, we stuck the solo in there and carried the sax part through to the end. Just wanting to know what other sax players thought of it and, of course, get your tips and advice; mainly on composing solos, but also on technique, tone, etc. Here's the link: LINK.

Be gentle...


Edit (because I'm a moron and jumped the gun): The track is "Slightly Out of Breath" and the solo, if you want to jump right to it (though I recommend listening to the whole song) starts around 4:50.
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